First ever Steampunk Peru Comics Contest

Spanish version here

Open call

Steampunk Peru is starting a Peruvian steampunk themed comics and manga open call / contest

You may enter as either single or as part of a group.
Rules for qualifaction:
The piece must be sent in jpg format, a4 page size with a 300dpi image resolution and 12 compression lvl. The piece should consist of at least 4 pages of work (with a maximum of 8 ) and be sent via email to
Every piece -stories, sketches and characters- must be completely original, and never before have been published in anyway. The contenders will be responsible for the authorship and ownership of the pieces presented to the organicers.
The true challenge for the artists will be to perfectly fuse both the aesthetic beauty and feeling of everything that is Steampunk and the traditional (and not so traditional ) themes of Peruvian culture. Including, but not limited to, pre-Columbian cultures, colonial Lima, South American revolutionary era, and Peruvian republic.
Even thou the stories must be, of course, fictitious, it is alright to be inspired by real characters from Peruvian history from any of the periods mentioned before. However, to avoid any kind of controversy, it is better to avoid using real contemporary political or religious characters as well as any characters from copyrighted material.

The participants must be 13 years of age or older.

The judges will qualify the pieces base don the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the drawings
  2. Coherence and narrative structure
  3. Use of page space and panel distribution
  4. Relevance of the Peruvian theme
  5. Steampunk aesthetic

The deadline for sending your work is October 15th 2012
The judges will be:
the founding members of Steampunk Peru.
Daniel de Jesús (Chelist of the band Rasputina, lead vocals and chelist of the band Tiva Tiva and Plastic Artist)
Joshua A Pfeiffer (Songwritter, founder and lead vocals of the band Vernian Process)
The grand price for the winner will be 350 US dollars as well as a printed compilation of the best comics from the contest.
The second and third place will receive a printed compilation of the best comics from the contest.
In the event that the fist place winner can not come to collect their price the money can be sent via western union or paypal. The books will be sent by mail.

Steampunk Peru is going to print a book in Spanish and English to sell to the public with the best comics.

About copyrights:
The contestants will keep all the rights over the pieces presented to the Steampunk Peru Comics Contest, and they grant Steampunk Peru as organicing entity autorization to publish, edit, reproduce, translate, expose to the public, distribute and sell the pieces on a printed format or by electronic means (like CD-ROM, data bases, owned by Steampunk Peru or by others), and by web sites, everytime they consider necesary and in a exclusive way for TWO YEARS starting with the publication of the winers of the contest, royalty, with the condition to name the authors of the respective pieces.

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